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Re: [OM] Re: Why Oly is in a hole

Subject: Re: [OM] Re: Why Oly is in a hole
From: "C.H.Ling" <chling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 10:35:31 -0700
> Giles wrote:
> I don't see that an optical adapter is a necessity.  I have a
> Rolliecord TLR which is medium format but there is an adapter
> kit for it called the Rolliekin (sp?) which will convert it to allow
> 35mm film to be used.  There is no optical converter, just a
> plastic mask which fits in the viewfinder and cuts down the area
> viewed.
> The same principal could be applied to OMs by including with a
> digital back,h a special screen with the smaller picture area
> delineated on it as per the spot metering circle on some screens.
> Giles

Hi Giles,

I also have a Bronica SQ-A that can use 135 film back, but I have never
think about buying that film back. With the small framing area it is
hard to view and my 50mm wide angle will become a standard lens!

Without a reduction lens the picture area will be very small, just as
Paul Farrar mentioned a 21mm super wide will become a standard lens! But
the ideal case is to have a 24x36mm CCD.

Accura Digital Imaging

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