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Re: [OM] Re: Why Oly is in a hole

Subject: Re: [OM] Re: Why Oly is in a hole
From: "C.H.Ling" <chling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 11:15:12 -0700
Bradley Mabb wrote:
> C.H.Ling wrote:
> >John, I agree with you, digital is the right way to go. I am waiting for an
> >OM digital back that can be used on OM cameras or a digital OM camera that
> >can use all OM lenses and accessories.
> Digital certainly has it's place in today's world, but "the right way to go"?
> It sounds as if you mean instead of film/print photography. If so, that's a 
> bit
> of an overstatement. 

I think silver halide is still the best printing method available in
comming five to ten years (in terms of quality, price and long lasting).
That's why I paid the price of more than a Zuiko 180/2+250/2+350/2.8 to
buy a film recorder.

>The print quality and cost of digital prints is still far
> from what we get from normal negative/postive imaging. 

Yes, at this moment is. But I really worry about ten years later there
will be a more economic way of printing very good quality photo at home.
Then my film recorder will become a B/W television.

>I'm not saying digital
> isn't a good thing, it's just far from taking over film.
>  As far as Olympus making an OM digital back, I wouldn't hold your breath.They
> are dropping items such as t20's and T32's off their list, why would they turn
> around and add an accessory as expensive as a digital back? Unless they issue
> the much dreamed about mid-priced OM, I think you could bet your house you'll
> not see a digital back from Olympus. 

Yes, I also think the chance for Olympus to issue a digital back is very
low. But it is possible for Olympus to issue a digital OM camera that
can use at least the OM lenses. They should do so, since Canon, Minolta
and Nikon also has SLR digital camera that is compatible to their lens
system and there are a lot of OM fans like me is hoping for that.

>Nice idea, though. In fact, there IS a
> company that expects to release soon a digital insert for 35mm SLR's. I 
> haven't
> seen pics yet, but assume the brain will go where the 35 canister sits and a
> sort of screen will lay across the film plane. don't ask me how they expect
> to "advance" the frames :)

I have also heard and seen something about that, but technically it
seems impossible at this moment. They claim to sell at US1000, the price
seems too low, if they can make a canister sits inside the camera with
batteries, large memory, CPU, CCD.... that is really a technologies

>  IMHO (as all of this is, of course), I beleive Oly's success in digital and
> point and shoots is WHY OM is dying. Let's face it, the general population is
> ............................... I'm afraid OM died with
> the failure of the OM-77. Had Oly made a successful interchangable lens AF
> slr with OM mount, we'd still be in business.

Yes, the OM-77 is really a wrong step.

> Don't want to see OM die, either. We can 
> only hope there will be people like John H. out there to keep our cameras
> alive for years to come :)

I am not only want to see the OM to be continue, but growth with all new
technologies. Actually with every new camera technology comes up I will
worry about my existing OM system, just like the APS and digital

Accura Digital Imaging

>                                                       enjoy,
>                                                        Brad

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