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Re: [OM] Identification help for Oly ?? camera

Subject: Re: [OM] Identification help for Oly ?? camera
From: PCACala@xxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 23:43:38 EDT
Hi Steve:

> saw an
>  Olympus camera that I could not identify.  It kind of looked like a
>  precursor to the IS series, but as a range finder or P&S instead of a
>  reflex design.  It was autofocus, and zoom, and had a large boxy
>  protrusion on the left side (looking at the lens) (It's the same side
>  where the handle and button are on the winders & motors)  It's bulky.
>  about the size of two normal point & shoots in front of each other.
>  Would anyone have any idea what this is?

Perhaps an Infinity Super Zoom 300 or 330.  These get some wildly different
prices here in Las Vegas.  I hestitated a hour too long for a 300 at $69.
Since then I have seen them from $119 to $199, except for a $100 one with
clouded viewfinder at a Santa Maria, CA flea market.  (They are still sitting
there, too).  Considering a used IS-1 sells for about $149, older 300 or 330's
above $119 aren't bargains, IMHO.  But then, I'm not The Olympus Guy and I
live in Vegas, so take my ramblings with a grain of salt.

Gary Reese
Las Vegas, NV

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