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[OM] Let There Be Light!? Portable Light Reflectors??

Subject: [OM] Let There Be Light!? Portable Light Reflectors??
From: Robert Bund <rbund@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 23:54:46 -0400
Hi All,

No, I'm not an evangelist.  
Does any anyone have experience with the new highly portable (and
very lightweight) relflector kits?  I have two distinct 
functions in mind:

        1.) Better Illumination for Outdoor Macro Photography
        2.) Shadow reduction and over-all better lighting when 
        shooting one or two people (with or without an interesting 

Specific recommendations about equipment (stressing low weight, 
ease in handling - portability, and low cost) would be appreciated. 
What works for you?  Any ideas/recommendations (detailed if possible)
relating to technique are welcome.  Hopefully, information relating
to this topic will have broad appeal to list members.

I could use zero, one or two T32 flashes - the fewer the better.

Thanks Very Much,

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