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[OM] Recordings (was Oly Hole)

Subject: [OM] Recordings (was Oly Hole)
From: Denton Taylor <denton@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 14:34:06 -0400
>>Only a Rip Van Winkle would not be aware that anything analog is on the
wane. My analogy for the waning of OM is the LP. I almost always prefer the
sound of a LP to a CD when I have the option of choosing between them. I
don't have the option of that choice much anymore. Fortunately, as LPs have
died, CDs have also become better-sounding. Digitally reprocessed
recordings of 78s on CD I now feel are superior to the original.  New
recordings on CD are more listenable than they were 10 years ago. None of
this makes me enjoy my LPs any less.  I'll still enjoy them when the CD is
dead (and I think CD is likely to be dead a long time before the LP is no
longer viable). The vagaries of "progress" are the way of things.>>

You should be aware that LP records, like Oly OM, is staging a comeback.

More records are being released on vinyl than ever before. Several
'cottage' companies have sprung up to supply audiophile vinyl.

I supply steam hose to an MCA pressing plant that was about closed. They
inform me business is better than any time over the past few years.

Turntable sales are up something like 40%.

There are a lot of parallels between digital music and digital photography.
Neither seems to capture the full analog spectrum of information, although
the CD is far closer than the CCD. Although certainly it seems that at some
point digital should succeed and surpass analog.


Denton Taylor
Photogallery at www.dentontaylor.com

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