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[OM] Re: Why Oly is in a hole

Subject: [OM] Re: Why Oly is in a hole
From: "John Austin" <j_austin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 02:03:29 -0700
Warren Kato wrote:
>Look at the most recent PopPhoto.  They just bought the most expensive two
>pages in the magazine, the inside cover and page one.  But alas, it's for
>DL-600L digital.

This marketing direction does seem sad, but true. As much as most of the
list members, myself definitely included, would like to see the continuance
and expansion of the OM system, things do not look good. Oly continues to
drop equipment from the available category, the T20, the T32, a couple of
different lenses this past year, a number of the accessories. Things are
getting worse, not better. Their refusal to repair or supply parts for what
they consider obsolete equipment (we all certainly disagree with their
assessment, I think) is just another example. I suppose that we will have a
definitive answer within the next two months. I think it will be pretty safe
to assume that if at least some new OM system pieces are not forthcoming at
Photokina, Oly will have made their position painfully clear.

John Austin

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