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Re: [OM] Attention Rich Text (HTML) Users!

Subject: Re: [OM] Attention Rich Text (HTML) Users!
From: Marko Vrabec <marko.vrabec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 09:21:59 +0200
Winsor wrote:

>I use Eudora Lite for EMail. It is free. It has no trouble interpreting

>Andy's or anyone else's  messages as normal text. Maybe it is the
>limitation of your software?

Winsor, and everybody,

Regardless of the mail reader one is using, HTML/RTF messages are
illegible in Digest format. Since about half of the list members prefer
to subscribe to digest, this is an issue. And if I am not mistaken,
messages go into history (i.e., list archives) in digest form. Hey, do
you want to do that to your grandchildren? <g>

It is also a question of etiquette. Older, text-only mail readers still
exist out there and it might be beyond one's capabilities to change the
software, for example on mainframe systems.

As long as pictures and other multimedia are not included in the message
(a practice, discouraged on most lists, certainly on this one) there is
no need for HTML. I suppose different fonts and colors don't really
contribute much to the cause.

I am convinced that the principal reason that some members post in HTML
is simply the "features" of the modern mailing programs. But I trust
Olympus users are capable of avoiding of "point-and-shoot" HTML mailing
and using "text-priority" instead. <g>

Best regards, Marko

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