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Re: [OM] color repro (was Oly hole)

Subject: Re: [OM] color repro (was Oly hole)
From: "John Petrush" <jfp@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 22:19:06 -0400
Hehehe......yep, we're getting a tad too serious 'round here......yep, no
doubt about it.  Ya see Denton, I'm down here in the tobacca and cotton
fields in South Carolina.  I am hard pressed to recall a 8-1/2" x 11"
photograph in anything printed around here, much less in color.  Madison
Avenue this ain't.  :-)

Your point is well taken, and clearly there is a difference in perspective.
You are also absolutely correct that a proper A4 size, full color, digital
image is *at least* 18MB in size.  My specific example was a locally printed
playbill for the local (volunteer) theatre troupe.  They needed a re-shoot
at the last instant for a playbill when the regular shooter's lab botched
the processing.  No image was more than 3x4 inches, all reproduced in B&W
only.  But, it was done very quickly and for next to no cost.

Oh, btw....the show *did* go on :-)

John P

>I wrote:
>When it comes to cost effectiveness and productivity, digital is already
>clear leader.  With very humble equipment, I can take an image from an idea
>to finished art ready for reproduction in less than an hour.  Traditional
>film can't even begin to dream of that.  If I had stock in Polaroid, I'd be
>selling it quickly now.
to which Denton Taylor <denton@xxxxxxxx> asked:
>What do you mean by 'humble equipment'? And what do you mean by
>To reproduce an 8-1/2" x 11" color photography properly on a 4-color
>printing press requires (at least to my knowledge) a file of at least 18mb.
>And that's a minimum!
>That's at 220dpi, which is 2x a 110dpi line screen.

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