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Re: [OM] Paph stack

Subject: Re: [OM] Paph stack
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2021 06:53:12 -0700
At 12/30/2021 10:24 PM, Moose wrote:
>On 12/30/2021 6:53 PM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
>>At 12/30/2021 04:37 PM, Mike wrote:
>>>A Bridge Too Far Moose writes:
>>><<But it sure isn't worth it. Just don't screw it up in the first place. 
>>><<save a copy, until EXIF surgery is a success?
>>>This EXIF stuff can be very mysterious and seems to have very little 
>>>cohesive organization.   It was never really worth the time invested but now 
>>>it is a nut that must be cracked.  The data thus far suggests the Sony maker 
>>>section fields may be filled if empty but then not altered by
>>>any exif surgery tools.  Curiously the TAP AF adapters and knock offs use 
>>>that section to fool the camera that an older Sony lens is attached via a 
>>>Sony AF adapter.   Thus exif will never be totally correct using those 
>>>I believe you have pointed to a solution.  I increasingly used more powerful 
>>>surgical instruments and then even tried to enlist a more expert surgeon to 
>>>perform the exif surgery but instead should have changed the surgical 
>>>Instead of bypass surgery should have proceeded with a transplant.  I 
>>>believe that is within my scope of practice.  The raw file should  be 
>>>uncorrupted and I should do a quick conversion to jpg then modify said file 
>>>with Namethatlens using
>>>the Vivitar S1 90-180 profile.   Then use whatever editor to fix the 
>>>aperture used and max aperture. I can then copy the exif and export to the 
>>>proper file.  Photme was correct to grey out the "Lens type" and "Lens ID" 
>>>fields, but that seems like a bizarre restriction.  Jexiftoolgui which is 
>>>only limited by exiftools
>>>allows for lens profiles too in the Sony makers section but presumptively 
>>>only if the fields are empty as it will not change them.
>>>Pass the scalpel, Mike
>>Here is a scalpel
>>There is a linux C++ utility called exiv2.
>As portable C++, I would guess it can somehow be used under Windoze?
>"It provides fast and easy read and write access to the Exif, IPTC and XMP 
>What we casually call EXIF is just one part of the metadata in an image file. 
>Worse, casual use can mix up the defined, universal exif and things like Maker 
>Notes. Is there an example with Sony entries where the alpha name is repeated, 
>with different hex tags?

The Alpha (or alpha) name does not appear, instead:

$exiv2 -pv /mnt/d/photos/tmp/2021-dec-23/7R307305.ARW | grep ILCE-7RM3
0x0110 Image        Model                       Ascii      10  ILCE-7RM3
0x0131 Image        Software                    Ascii      16  ILCE-7RM3 v3.10
0x0110 Thumbnail    Model                       Ascii      10  ILCE-7RM3
0x0131 Thumbnail    Software                    Ascii      16  ILCE-7RM3 v3.10

Which reminds me of comments that software the preserves metadata may update 
the image but not the thumbnail:

$exiv2 -pv /mnt/d/photos/tmp/2021-dec-23/7R307305.ARW | grep Thumbnail
0x00fe Thumbnail    NewSubfileType              Long        1  1
0x0103 Thumbnail    Compression                 Short       1  6
0x010e Thumbnail    ImageDescription            Ascii      32
0x010f Thumbnail    Make                        Ascii       5  SONY
0x0110 Thumbnail    Model                       Ascii      10  ILCE-7RM3
0x0112 Thumbnail    Orientation                 Short       1  1
0x011a Thumbnail    XResolution                 Rational    1  72/1
0x011b Thumbnail    YResolution                 Rational    1  72/1
0x0128 Thumbnail    ResolutionUnit              Short       1  2
0x0131 Thumbnail    Software                    Ascii      16  ILCE-7RM3 v3.10
0x0132 Thumbnail    DateTime                    Ascii      20  2021:12:23 
0x0201 Thumbnail    JPEGInterchangeFormat       Long        1  43268
0x0202 Thumbnail    JPEGInterchangeFormatLength Long        1  8551
0x0213 Thumbnail    YCbCrPositioning            Short       1  2

It ought to be buildable under Windozzz. I'll see what I can do using Visual 
I can also post the exe. the linux build target install puts it in the right 
$which exiv2

You can just sudo cp it to that location.

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