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Re: [OM] CSI level image processor

Subject: Re: [OM] CSI level image processor
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2023 01:41:30 -0800
I've been messing about with this. My interest is in how this tool compares to 
those I already have.

First example. 

This is my elder son and his elder daughter 10 years ago, Christmas 2002. My first 
digicam, 1.9 MP Canon S110 P&S.

Photo AI does pretty well with Ella, cleans Eric up too much. Subtly changes 
both noses, but not enough to worry about.
Two rounds of Topaz Sharpen AI, with different settings does, to my eye, slightly better than Photo. With hand clean-up of tongue reflection and red-eye, it's a huge improvement over the original.

CodeFormer, at the default W-0.5 does some serious damage to the people. All new eyes, a larger nose, puffier cheeks and, mistaking the saliva on tongue reflection of a tooth, gives her a whole new lower set of teeth. Eric's nose, mouth and eyes are all changed a lot. W= 1.0 is less drastic, but still off.

This round to Topaz Sharpen AI


The flurry of posts, crossing each other left what may be some mis-impressions

Topaz Sharpen AI has 11 different modes, with settings within each. With the four-up comparison view, it's possible to home in on the best. Using it on images from one's well know cameras and lenses makes it much easier. The Auto settings are poor. It requires some active participation for decent results.

Code Former ONLY works on faces. The other processing you see from this tool 
are by another set of code.

Topaz Photo AI is new, and in flux, with frequent updates. Like CF, it pays special attention to faces, but doesn't alter their basic details. It also selects an overall 'subject' to work on. In the current and last versions, leaving this feature on results in a slight offset of the selected area from faces and background. I imagine that will go away.

More to Come Moose

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