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Re: [OM] CSI level image processor

Subject: Re: [OM] CSI level image processor
From: "C.H.Ling" <ch_photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2023 21:59:20 +0800

On 2/2/2023 20:14, Wayne Harridge wrote:
Thanks for the pointer to CodeFormer CH, over the last few days I have been 
having a play with it via the web interface


Reading some info about the product I noticed that it can be used to enhance 
images created by AI image generators, e.g. DALL-E 2 which I have also been 
playing with for the last month or so.

Here are the results of my playing:


Images 1, 2, 3 & 4 were all generated by DALL-E 2 (produces 1024 x 1024 pixel 
images) using this same prompt:

" Color Photographic Portrait in Australian Desert 30 year old woman with blue eyes, 
long black hair, red lipstick Staring at camera in Late Afternoon Portrait lens Eye Level 

4 Variations from the same prompt, all 4 have problems with the facial rendition.  
CodeFormer was applied to each image with upscaling of 4 and different values for 
"fidelity",  Codeformer_Fidelity (0 for better quality, 1 for better identity). 
 Higher values for fidelity seem to introduce some strange artifacts.

Yes, strange artifacts could happen, sometimes you may need to use original image to layer on the Codeformer processed one, I have many images do in that way to make the final photo look more realistic and get rig of the artifacts.

Image - 5 is an old film portrait (600 x 400 pixels) I pulled of my web site 
and CodeFormer seemed to do a good job on this one producing 3080 x 2048 
images.  Interesting how it removed some of the hair across the girl's eye!

You are right, I tried with the same result.

The web interface to CodeFormer looks ok but has some strange quirks:

1. Sometimes seems to get "stuck", typically it takes about 15-60sec to process 
an image, but often has run for 15min without producing anything.

2. The download link sometimes downloads somebody else's creation!  I found that if you 
right click on the generated image itself and click on "save image as" you get 
the correct output image.  It obviously has problems handling multiple threads on the web 
site so for serious work I guess it's best to use CH's approach.

At the beginning I used https://replicate.com/sczhou/codeformer, it also had the same problem.


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