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Re: [OM] Subscription models run amuck

Subject: Re: [OM] Subscription models run amuck
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2022 02:34:45 -0700
On 7/14/2022 3:51 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
<<And yes, we don't like our cars to be computer operated, but that ship has 
<<ago sailed

Who said that?  Not the point and using technology in cars had been low hanging fruit for 
quite awhile.  The point is the company is using rather underhanded "nibbles" 
after the sale (I suspect to the unwary) to generate cash cows. T

I still don't get it. Sure, some article used the term "cash cow", but that's a financially ignorant reporter trying, as you say, "to make for a more entertaining" article. But wait - they give you open ended use for $415, rather than the prior year $500 to buy. How is that a cash cow? Opting for $18 /mo. may work out in their favor, depending on how long, but that's about a fool and their money. The monthly option for anything is more expensive for long term use.

I'm crap at higher math. But I did an amazing amount of financial analysis for a Fortune 500 company, including generating a value for thousands of owned and leased properties that went into an LBO. A big NY financial powerhouse bought a major company based in considerable part on my analysis. A whole lot of high powered folks vetted it. I know from financial analysis.

As I said, the only way this makes sense is if manufacturing costs go down by having only one seat option and one installation option.

No, wait, if the forever option is not transferable to a new owner, and depending on the average holding period, some $ may come from that, as well. Now, that would be underhanded. Got a copy of the terms handy?

That is one of the oldest negotiating tactics in the book.  I recall buying our Bimmer 
and a nearby dealer to the one we were at had the exact car tricked out exactly as 
preferred in a manual  (does driving a manual correlate with some affection for MF?) in a 
color preferred by the CAO. (Chief Aesthetics officer). " Oh, BTW, the mats are 
extra at $400.00."  The manager read my expression and said, yeah, we will throw 
that in.  He admitted that goes over like a lead balloon with frugal New Englanders.
The seat warmer subscription will NEVER fly in New England.

They'll buy boots that are 17% off, but not heated seats . . . Whatever.

  I think you may have misconstrued my tone.

Simple B&W text, no emojis. Coulda fooled me. 😁

  Feigned outrage makes for a more entertaining post.   As long as the seat 
warmer subscription model leads to someone else's tuckus being frozen, that is 
only amusing if  perhaps slightly irritating.  Outrage needs to be preserved 
for appropriate rare circumstances such as when your own tuckus has been frozen.

<<I like the Adobe model.

I prefer Topaz model.  If don't get an upgrade everything works just fine.  PS 
certainly is better than it was  and still worth the cost, IMO, but I don't 
like that everyone wants a subscription for software that might be used a few 
times a year.

It's all the same to me. Topaz has been regularly improving their products, I use them a LOT, and pay for the subscriptions every time.

  I don't think I am in the minority here.

<<<Spite. Nose. Face?

Not really.  Again an attempt to jazz up  my post but there are many reasons 
the car just isn't on the next short list besides this.  The low profile run 
flat tires are a bad match for icy, pot holed NE roads.  Probably have been 
through 3 on each wheel. due to pot holes.  ZERO trouble with the  Tahoe tires 
of course. (apples, oranges)   The cars have very expensive parts and have 
required dramatically more repair than our infinity.  I think they are much  
over-rated though do drive well on dry roads.

I don't have any sort of strong opinion on BMW these days, pro or con. I was 
only commenting on the seat thing.

One son bought a certified used 2007 Audi A4. I've "inherited" it. It's been a few years now, and it's never failed to get us where we are going and back.. Nice car, drives well, lots of lux features. I kinda wish it were a 2008, when they slightly lengthened the wheelbase, for more leg room in the back. Maybe it picked an inch here or there in interior room, too? Perfect size for Carol, who is the principal driver, only a tiny bit snug seeming for me.

With a son who used to work in the repair business, mostly for VW/Audi and drives a VW and a superior local shop, any replacement is likely to be another Audi. It's better looking than the newer ones, and runs great with less than 80,000 miles, so it's got more years in it.

<<<Should that 95# teenage daughter pay for it?
Yes,  if she doesn't wish to be super saddle sore after 6 hours in the saddle 
for several days.  No real way you could know that.

I most clearly remember a Mexican "saddle", a wooden A frame with a couple of blankets thrown over it. Now that was a pain in the tukus, and nearby areas.

Fully Subscribed Moose

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