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Re: [OM] Close up filters again

Subject: Re: [OM] Close up filters again
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2022 09:00:53 -0700
At 1/7/2022 04:13 PM, UnHalo Moose wrote:
>On 1/7/2022 7:51 AM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
>>At 1/5/2022 10:42 AM, I wrote:
>>>My first OK photo with the 500D CU at 400mm/F9 hand held.
>>I updated the photo as I was a bit too hard with the unsharp filter LCE. I 
>>found a better way to do it that does not create the unsharp dark halo effect 
>>and does not seem to enhance the noise. I even tried dialing back the amount 
>>of unsharp mask but the dark halo persists.
>Combine, subject of first, background of second. Took just a few seconds to 
>Select Color, then mask. 
>>The new method is: Create a copy of the background layer, convert it to B&W 
>>and blend with soft light (or hard light), adjusting the amount. In addition 
>>I added a levels adjust between the B&W and background layer and adjusted the 
>>midpoint. The result is a much smoother background color and more pleasing to 
>>my eyes. I also notice that the blues are close to clipping and I have to 
>>take care not to clip them.
>LCE halos are a fact of life in PS photo editing; light around dark, dark 
>around light. (Highlight/Shadow can cause them, too, although seldom a 
>problem.) If I have a photo with sky, I don't even think about it, I create a 
>copy layer and mask it to sky only. The Select=>Sky works pretty well on many, 
>but fine tuning with Select/Mask is often necessary. Pretty much magic on 
>things like leaves against sky. Once in a long time, I end up deleting the sky 
>layer at the end.
>The sky layer stays on top, and whatever I do below it that bleeds/halos is 
>covered by it.
>Similar technique for other halo problems. This one was especially simple, 
>with a background color so different from the subject.
>Masked Halo Moose

Thanks Moose.

I considered masking but in the end I preferred the softer touch of the second 
method. However, now that I am looking at it, I lost some of the blue where 
unsharp mask did not. Here is the original I started with, no ACR adjustments, 
then AI denoise (15 30).


Seems the blues are quickly blown out if not careful. Auto in ACR destroys this 

Here is Topaz Studio with Precision Contrast, Micro to High all sliders to 0.4 
and equalization High. However, converting to Jpeg causes artifacts I don't see 
at 16 bit PS. Notice the background is not smooth.


I still feel like a PS newb sometimes.

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