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Subject: Re: [OM] Oly futures
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2022 08:11:51 -0700
At 1/8/2022 01:57 AM, you wrote:

>On 1/7/2022 9:17 PM, Bob Benson wrote:
>>This is a silly question.
>>But I wonder how difficult it would be for Oly to adapt something like a
>>MrkIII to a 4 x 4 format.  I ask this as a old Rolliflex / Mamiyaflex
>>user.  square was good ... and I'd think all the Oly lenses would work (the
>>circle would cover 4x4).  And this would offer really interesting
>>Anyway, a silly question:  probably for Moose and Ken.
>Not sure what you mean by 4x4. The sensor is 17.4x13 mm.
>If you mean 13x13 mm, it's a firmware thing, cutting off the sides in VFs and 
>If you mean 17.4x17.4, it would be a wholesale mechanical redesign, and 
>finding someone to produce the odd size sensor. Sony makes current µ4/3 
>sensors. Nevva gonna hoppen.
>In practice, there would be no significant difference between the two 
>I - So, put some tape on the edges of the LCD, flip it pointing up, ignore the 
>EVF, and you have your OlyFlex. ð???
>II - Skip the tape and use a grid for framing square. In menu D3, the first 
>Grid Setting gives a square in the middle. The Grid Settings Presets give 
>complete control over grid line color and opacity.
>In either case, crop to square in post
>III - Some digicams offered multiple formats in firmware. My Canon 60D offered 
>a square format. But a quick look suggests Canon dropped all the alternate 
>formats in more recent cameras.
>Buy a used 60D, slap a 20/2.8 lens on it, set to square format, and you're all 
>set to emulate a RolleiFlex - but with AF. About $600.
>Un Square Moose

I think Bob is referring to 4x4 cm medium format typical of a TLR.  There is 
still a look difference to that format over a smaller sensor besides the 

Oly never considered Full Frame digital. I highly doubt they would go even 
further to 4x4cm. That's a major commitment for a company that is struggling as 
is. Your best bet is to adapt the OM lenses to a Fujifilm GFX. But somehow that 
seems over kill in resolution, especially considering the quality of modern 
lenses compared to the majority of the OMs.

A more practical approach might be so adapt the lens to a medium format film 
camera. OMs on full frame is the easiest and closest you are going to get.

Which OM lenses would you consider worthy of such an effort? Considering the 
camera, if made, would likely be $5-10K, I'm not sure the investment, just to 
use old OM lenses, would be worth it, even if such a camera were made. And new 
farts would never do it, only old farts would even consider it.

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