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Re: [OM] re: FAQ

Subject: Re: [OM] re: FAQ
From: Gary Schloss <schloss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 19:15:24 -0800
>R. Lee Hawkins wrote:
>> I use a text editor called vi under unix.  It works for me ;)
>> I'm open to any tool that does the following:
>>      1) Runs under Unix (Ultrix)
>>      2) Is free
>>      3) Will take a plain text file and convert it to HTML

Christopher "Yup, I'm another UNIX nerd" Biggs replies:

>Hmm, write in LaTeX and use latex2html?

Chris is right: this would be my number one suggestion as well,
closely followed by WordPerfect and FrameMaker -- which are not
free, but are available on just about any OS platform, and hence
are often site-licensed by academic institutions.  I say "would
be", because I avoid at all costs the business of convincing the


/Gary Schloss.
Studio City, CA

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