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Re: [OM] re: FAQ

Subject: Re: [OM] re: FAQ
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 17:37:01 -0700
>At 03:12 PM 7/12/1998 -0400, Lee you wrote in part:
>>Finally, HTML/hyperlinks discourages people from
>>reading the entire FAQ.  By trying to get people to read through the
>>entire FAQ from cover to cover, I hope to cut down on people asking the
>>same questions over and over in the list.
>>Now, with all that said, I *do* see the benefits of a fully (or even
>>partially) hyperlinked FAQ.  In the future, I might start developing a
>>more HTML-ized version, but only if I can be convinced it is worth the
>>extra effort.  I wouldn't do it all at once, either.  I'd phase it in
>>over time.  Soooo, let me know what y'all think on this matter.  But be
>>warned... I'm hard to convince :)
Joel said
>Hi Lee,
>I question somewhat your assumption that hyperlinks discourage people from
>reading through an entire document. *Length* discourages people from
>reading through a document in its entirety. -big snip-

My two cents:
The FAQ follows the classic FAQ layout. No confusion there. Easy to read.
Broken down into bite size bits, Q&A. The kind of hyperlink that jumps down
to the Q&A_on_the_same_page would be all right. I don't know whether it
would be worth Lee's extra time and effort to save someone from scrolling.
I agree with Lee that a hyperlink that took you to a new page destroying
the ability to just print the complete FAQ would greatly reduce its
usefulness and would be a mistake.


Winsor Crosby
Long Beach, California

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