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Re: [OM] slipping back into the fold - slowly

Subject: Re: [OM] slipping back into the fold - slowly
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2022 13:56:55 -0700
On 7/3/2022 6:33 AM, swisspace wrote:
Hi All,

I switched to lurk mode a few years ago for various personal reasons, but with a new boss I have a spring in my step once again, I have been anxious to check the list though as quite a few of my past correspondents have moved on to take photos in the next life, as did last year my Mother.

How nice to hear from you, Ian, and that you are well! How well I remember the release when my 5 year "boss from Hell" finally did something so incompetent and expensive that they canned him. Congrats!

A few people have left the list, but not this life. Bob Whitmire gave up photography for the second time in his life. Although not entirely well, he's still truckin' along. Chris Barker just faded away, as his interest in things Oly and µ4/3 faded. He's still posting his daily photos elsewhere.

Nice to know you're still with us.

I recently acquired a digital OM-1 as we are about to set off on a tour of Scandinavia and I wanted something to give me the possibility of higher resolution shots than my fuji kit so after flirting the idea of the Sony a7r series I spotted a lightly used OM-1 and decided that would suit my lens line up better although I did also pick up a secondhand OLY 12-40 mark ii lens, most of the newer kit is still Fuji.

I have both OM-1 and A7RII. The camera size/weights aren't a problem. The Sony mount lenses, for eq. AoVs are just so much larger and heavier, especially for long lens loving Moose that the Sonys are almost only for my menagerie of adapted old and odd FF lenses.

best wishes to all listees

And to you!

Auld Acquaintance Moose

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