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[OM] Advice requested

Subject: [OM] Advice requested
From: MICHAEL GORDON via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2022 18:01:13 -0400
Cc: MICHAEL GORDON <usher99@xxxxxxx>
Well I suppose there are more dire calamities. 
My hot shoe cover for the Oly EM1 mkIII is no more.  It had been awol once when 
it traversed the event horizon that is my desk but defying the known laws of 
physics suddenly reappeared.   This time I fear it became dislodged on a high 
plateau in La Palma.  
I had the cam out today and the deficit deeply  offended my aesthetic sense 
(Marnie is probably howling in the background).  It also keeps gunk off the 
contacts as well as water.  Oly seems to have them on back order and their site 
wouldn’t let me even buy one and wait.  I don’t care that much about saving 2 
dollars on a seven dollar part ( 20c to make?) but just want it to fit properly 
and look right.  Any suggestions?

Exposed shoe, Mike 
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