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Re: [OM] Williwaw Lakes

Subject: Re: [OM] Williwaw Lakes
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2021 11:34:22 -0700
At 7/18/2021 09:47 AM, AK wrote:

>> Is that a trail off to the left in the first shot?
>> Not a lot of snow on the peaks. Mt Willwaw is 5445 feet peak.
>Yes, that's the trail going down from the pass into the Williwaw
>valley. That is a brutal trail going down. I would recommend doing
>this hike clockwise as going up is much safer than going down.
>> Looking on Alltrails, I see Willwaw Lakes trail, 16.5 out & back 2585ft, but 
>> that only goes to the lakes. Which trail did you you use? I'm trying to 
>> orient, which direction was the photo taken?
>O'Malley Peak, Williwaw Lakes and Middle Fork Trail. We went up Little
>O'Malley Peak (Nintendo Hill), then the trail up to Ballfield, down
>the extremely steep trail to the lakes and back on the Williwaw Lakes
>Trail. Our overall hike had much more distance and elevation gain
>since we had to park at a different location.
>Honestly, the pictures don't do it justice. The views, scenery, and
>overall visual impact of this trail loop is overwhelming. And what is
>really crazy is that this is just ONE of the crazy beautiful hiking
>spots here in Anchorage. Everybody has a favorite spot, and this isn't
>even in the top-five for some people.
>AK Schnozz

Large views like that require a large canvas to do them justice.

I figured you must have done the ballpark trail up to O'Malley Peak (5250ft) 
based on the lakes positions. I'm much better at climbing than descending and 
really need my trekking polls going down. Sometimes a long hike can put you in 
a tired mode, easy to not pay attention. The peak design Capture Camera Clip 
has been a real benefit to me. Nothing worse than a camera swinging around 
while clambering over rocky terrain. Of course, if you take your pack off, 
camera has to go somewhere and where most of my dings then come from.

If yours drop like you said, that is when the IBIS cracked sensor mount 
internally may happen.
Might be worth a test to see if the flange-sensor has changed.

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