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[OM] Re: Opinions on E-1 or E-300?

Subject: [OM] Re: Opinions on E-1 or E-300?
From: "Barry B. Bean" <bbbean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 10:16:48 -0500

>For  those of you who chose either an
>E-1 or E-300 over other DSLRs, what was it  that made you choose the

I narrowed my choices to Nikon D70, Canon 20D, and the E-1. Salesman 
recommendations were enough to convince me that in terms of overall build, the 
300 and D-70 weren't what I wanted. In the end, a combination of handling, 
overall build, recommendations from users and $$$ made me choose the E-1 over 
the 20D. Knowing that I could buy a complete E-1 kit with a great flash, fast 
lens, and an extra lens or two for the price of a 20D and a fast lens alone 
(i.e. no 
extra battery, no flash, no filters, etc) was a major factor. throw in the fact 
that I have 25 + years of experience with Olympus, the controls were intuitive 
for me, 
and the camera came with an adaptor to use my OM glass, the decision became 
pretty easy.

Barry B. Bean
Bean & Bean Cotton Company
Peach Orchard, MO

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