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Re: [OM] Velvia speed?

Subject: Re: [OM] Velvia speed?
From: Siri Bjoner <sbjoner@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 17:58:36 +0200
> Velvia and Microsoft Windows have become popular "whipping boys" lately.  It
> has become quite fashionable to gripe about velvia being a "disneychrome"
> and what horrible things it does to skin tones, etc.

*sigh* I`m beginning to wonder if there is something special about my
cameras - the OM-1`s dimpled backplate still gives out "perfect" IR negs
(apart from those flares... and my mistakes...) and although I have shot
numerous rolls of portraits using both Velvia and Ultra, @ 50 asa, I have
never (touch wood) had horrible skin tones. In one case, they were
exaggerated (a person who had a touch of pink, sunburnt skin under a lot of
makeup - one couldn`t see the sunburn in real life but the film caught it

The only problem I have had with either of these films is with an Ultra I
had developed only last week, 60 0reen grass & trees, 40% blue sky, and
the foliage had a weird shade of green (very cold) and I was wondering what
this could be until I realised that the print must be blue tinted. The
colour of the sky was gorgeously saturated blue, thus making it difficult
to spot the problem.

Just rambling slightly. I have used both these films for portraits in- and
outdoors, all seasons, all weather (we have plenty of that in Oslo), all
kinds of subjects. I have, so far, not seen evidence from my trusty OM-4
that I should quit using these wonderful films for portraits.

And it shoots perfectly with "sunny 16"...


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