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Re: [OM] Velvia speed?

Subject: Re: [OM] Velvia speed?
From: "Giles" <cnocbui@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 23:38:50 +0000
I have reservations about skin tones and Velvia.

My son fas very fair skin and pink cheeks.  Shot with Velvia the 
cheeks turn red.

I gave up on Agfa Ultra after only one roll.  It produces very 
saturated colours allright but my former pet processor in Oz tried 
quite hard to get some decent prints but nothing worked to our 
satisfaction.  I switched to Fuji Reala and never looked back.  I 
used a loupe on the Ultra and Reala negs and came to the conclusion 
that Reala actualy seems to have a finer grain than Ulra despite 
being faster (100asa).


> (apart from those flares... and my mistakes...) and although I have shot
> numerous rolls of portraits using both Velvia and Ultra, @ 50 asa, I have
> never (touch wood) had horrible skin tones. In one case, they were
> exaggerated (a person who had a touch of pink, sunburnt skin under a lot of
> makeup - one couldn`t see the sunburn in real life but the film caught it
> perfectly...).
> The only problem I have had with either of these films is with an Ultra I
> had developed only last week, 60 0reen grass & trees, 40% blue sky, and
> the foliage had a weird shade of green (very cold) and I was wondering what
> this could be until I realised that the print must be blue tinted. The
> colour of the sky was gorgeously saturated blue, thus making it difficult
> to spot the problem.

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