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Re: [OM] Email Language (and Tamron 39-80/3,5 macro)

Subject: Re: [OM] Email Language (and Tamron 39-80/3,5 macro)
From: Siri Bjoner <sbjoner@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 16:24:02 +0200
At 15:12 +0200 on 09.07.98, Chris Barker wrote:

> I wonder what others think of the language and tone which we use on the List?
> For instance, with the speed of some people's writing, spelling mistakes or
> slight errors of grammar (for native English-speakers of course) are hardly
> noticed because the message is the important thing.  But do we really need to
> preamble an opinion with "Pardon me for jumping in..." ?
I`d say that PMFJI is as "necessary" as OTOH, AFAIK, etc. It all depends on
who`s writing and what sort of net language they use.

> Finally, what about the use of shortcuts like "u" and not bothering with the
> "Shift" key as in: "what i think of u is not worth mentioning...!"?  I have
> noticed (on a sample of 2 ;-)) that the rudest messages on the list have been
> written in this "shorthand".  Is this because the person is naturally
>rude, or
> because he or she is so cross that there is no time to find the Shift key?
I`m lazy... ;-) Actually, if I`m not wearing my contacts or glasses, or
it`s late at night and I`m drop dead tired but really really need to check
my mail and reply before I go to sleep, in case there`s a message of vital
importance... then I tend to get sloppy and forget the shift key. Saves
those extra seconds (I pay pr. sec. for internet & phone line...) I`m sorry
if it offends anyone!!!

Obl OM-content: I have (as the subject implies) a Tamron 39-80/3,5 macro,
and was wondering if anyone else has one. ie, am I the only person who
can`t get a decent shot with this lens or is it really awful and I should
get rid of it ASAP?


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