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Re: [OM] Bay of Fundy astro---and is this thing working?

Subject: Re: [OM] Bay of Fundy astro---and is this thing working?
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2023 22:04:37 -0700
On 5/22/2023 4:21 PM, Ken Norton wrote:
I was going to rent the EM-5 MK111 to keep the weight down but may just bring 
the OM-1 and GM-5.  I am not sure about Sonnie yet but we can store some stuff 
at one hotel and pick up later.  In Switzerland I had a photo cube thingie in 
my backpack and lugged a small OM kit and tripod as well as a dig kit  but the 
looong haul from Grindelwald to Wengen via the massive climb up to Kleine 
Scheidegg taught me to be less ambitious.
As I do a lot of mountain climbs here in Alaska (they are in the
neighborhood, it's just kinda what we do around here), I do find
myself using the Lumix GX-80/85 with the two kit lenses quite a bit.

Nice camera. I moved to the GX9 for more MP, new shutter and AF improvement. I 
much preferred the fixed VF on the 80/85.

The EM5-Mk2 also gets used quite a bit too, and that thing has
survived a major tumble. I do like the EM1-Mk2

I liked mine, too, but for the stupid on/off switch, but the OM-1 ups the game, sensor IQ through computational options, for very little additional size/weight. Some of that is the new battery, which really is better. (One may fix the power switch on the OM-1 - Thanks, Mike!)

but it and the Sony are so much heavier,

As I replied to MikeG, the Sony A7C is a different kettle of salmon. Size of the GX85. A bit heavier, but doesn't seem like it.

I usually avoid them when the vertical gain is going
to be >2500 feet.

Elevators and Airplanes Moose

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