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Re: [OM] Seeking advice on entering MFT

Subject: Re: [OM] Seeking advice on entering MFT
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2023 21:53:05 -0800
On 2/13/2023 8:22 PM, Lawrence Woods wrote:

My suggestion is to initially get the MFT camera you want, and perhaps a general purpose MFT lens like the 12-40 or 12-100.  Also get a FT to MFT adapter and initially use your current Four Thirds lenses.  Then grow your MFT lens collection over time as you get a feeling for what you need, and what will work better than your FT lenses for you.

One difficulty is that OM Systems apparently discontinued their FT to MFT lens adapter called the MMF-3, and it may be hard to find. Olympus previously made earlier adapter versions, called MMF-1 and MMF-2.  I do not know what they do less well than the MMF-3. The MMF-3 provides full focus, aperture, and  lens/body communication.

Quoting myself from August:
When I tried out the E-1, E-300 and E-400, vs. E-5 II, I used the same ZD lens 
on all of them. Ergo, I must have an
adapter. Yup! Cheap, plastic, unbranded, has "MMF-2" and "MMF-3" among the 
Chinese characters on the stick-on label on
the box.

Must have worked, as I have pix with the ZD 14-54/3.5 lens, taken with E-M5 II. I 
don't recall any trouble with it.…

Could be a cheap way to find out how you like using the old lenses.

Repeating Moose

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