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Re: [OM] Mixed Bag o Fotos

Subject: Re: [OM] Mixed Bag o Fotos
From: DZDub <jdubikins@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2022 07:10:21 -0500
> I do admit to radical work on background. I'm always bemused when people
> refer to a zoom as having good or bad bokeh.
> There are just too many combinations of FL, subject and background
> distances to make meaningful generalizations.

Very truthy.  "Bad" or distracting backgrounds at f8 are somewhat more
blurred bad and distracting backgrounds at f2.8.

On the FL thing, the mZ 100-400 has another thing to add to the whole
blurry mess -- atmosphere.  You and Mike have mentioned this many times.
Sometimes I love this, sometimes I don't, but mostly do.  Across a prairie
as dusk approaches it suggests humidity, maybe heat, which can be rather
accurate to the feeling.  Feature not bug.

Joel W.
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