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Re: [OM] The enduring appeal of GAS

Subject: Re: [OM] The enduring appeal of GAS
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2022 01:57:49 -0700
On 6/17/2022 4:57 PM, Ken Norton wrote:
2-legged Moose wrote:
The obvious answer, for tele-Moose, is the Oly 12-200. Reviewer after reviewer 
says they like it, but it's perhaps not
quite optically good enough, esp. at the long end and in the corners.
The oly 12-200 is a lens I would like to like, but it's just not
hitting it with me. The 12-100 is awfully tempting though,

Interesting . . . For a sort while, I had both the Oly 12-100 and the PLeica 12-60. I tried to like the Oly, but just never did. Mike and Marnie swapped the two back and forth in Bhutan. I was always happier on the days I had the PL.

I'm not yet sure about the 12-200, but don't dislike it. I do need to get out 
and use it more.

Half Way Over the Fence Moose

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