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Re: [OM] OT Looking for a decent light to use at computer during Zoom Me

Subject: Re: [OM] OT Looking for a decent light to use at computer during Zoom Meeting
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2022 15:44:58 -0900
Green Screen Moose wrote:
> Wow, I'm not sure I "get" all the special lighting. Esp. ring lights, which 
> just give weird reflections in eyes.
> Although I suppose AKAG's multiple lights might mitigate that part.

Generally speaking, I hate ring lights. However, unless I tilt my head
up where the lights reflect in my glasses, I don't have too much of an
issue with the ring lights. But I am pretty careful about the look.
It's far too easy, with ring lights, to get the "George Bush
caricature look."  The LR150 functions pretty well as a beauty dish,
and then the other two act as side fills. The LED lighting is such
that I can completely change the color of the room. While the LED
lights are a bit dim for some photography, I like it for the video
work because the light levels aren't so bright as to wash out the
backlit buttons on my MIDI devices and computer screens. I will pick
up at least one more LR150, though. And of course, I do everything at
24 fps, so that helps with light balance.

> I use the overhead light, on high, a couple of desk lamps not aimed directly 
> at me and a lamp with a fluorescent
> incandescent bulb replacement to light the green screen.

I have to be careful about the overhead lighting because it will
reveal just how thin my hair is. Hair extensions help, but I'm going
to have to do something different before the new channel(s) launch. I
did darken my hair color substantially as blonde hair and green
screens DO NOT go well together. It goes without saying that I'm
wearing enough makeup to turn an old mule into a show horse. (Gelding,
of course). But if I'm set up in the lowest level of the house, I have
overhead dimmable LED can lights which can even things out without
changing things too much. Right now, my music/photography setup is in
a small bedroom upstairs so I don't go broke trying to heat the whole
house. Once we get past this -20F garbage, I can be back downstairs
again without breaking the bank. In July, I will be moving to a
smaller house.

Just one clarification. It seems like I have a lot of lights, but I do
move them from one room to the other for what I'm doing.

AG of the Rings
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