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Re: [OM] Your camera is the best one

Subject: Re: [OM] Your camera is the best one
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 10:37:38 -0800
Well, I must say that you've gone and done it, Wayne. You are
"triggering" me. HOW DARE YOU!!!


Honestly, when it comes to "color science" of the cameras, it really
is a mixed bag. As I've yabbered on and on and on and on and on and on
and on... regarding the E-1, I'll say that the straight-out-of-camera
raw files require nearly no adjustments to get where I like my colors
and contrast. The response curve of the E-1 is certainly not as linear
as most camera files and the dithering noise masks a world of sins.
For portraiture, it's a situation where I can pull the raw files into
LR, select the Adobe Portrait profile (it de-yellows the skin), make a
minor tweek to the exposure and contrast and that's it. Literally,
that's it. All other adjustments are purely for aesthetic purposes and
artistic intent.The E-1 sensor (as is the E-300, but not so much the
E-400) is tuned for the "ideal mid-tone".

However, that same color science and native response curve that makes
portraiture so perfect makes some things really awesome, and other
things nearly impossible to work with. I've got many files that I
still have no clue how to process to get the look I'm seeking.

On the opposite end of the technology spectrum is my Sony A7ii.
Portraiture is actually VERY good with the camera, but the curves that
need to be applied and base effort required to even get in the
neighborhood of an E-1 file is mind-boggling. The end result isn't
bad, in fact, it can be quite good and can exceed the minimally edited
E-1 file. The only problem is that without having a guide image or
understanding of the E-1 profile, it is nearly impossible to "SEE" the
colors when working with the Sony files. I now have some standard
moves I make to get in the neighborhood.

What I've seen with the Nikon files is a variation of the Sony filles.
The end results can be mind-boggling good. The Nikon files generally
have no bad habits that have to be fought. If you have a really good
profile, the results are really good. That's why everybody and their
drooling dogs sell profiles for Nikons.

I'm avoiding talking about Canon files. Canon users are just delusional.

AG Schnozz
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