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[OM] Your camera is the best one

Subject: [OM] Your camera is the best one
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2021 10:36:31 -0700
[warning] may incite philosophizing...

I read in thephoblographer.com an article called Best prices for Nykon 
Cameras... saying "Nikon cameras consistently have color output that makes us 
drool." My gag reflex was triggered. So I started searching ... "camera with 
most drool color" and got "10 Dog Breeds That Drool the Most..."

Most people (not on this list of course) think their camera brand color is the 
best. I suspect its color is "mostly" the profile in the conversion. Best is 
all too subjective for the most part. All due respect for those (1 in a million 
who can see) who effuse eloquently about CCD sensors - for me, if I can get a 
decent exposure and focused, I can usually get some kind of result I like, 
monitor calibration aside... 

I often take a photo so I can tweak it and see what my AZ blinded eyes cannot. 
and yes, electronics, noise, non-linearity, color-filter-array, lens, ... make 
differences... But I rarely drool. Seems the picture I got and liked had little 
to do with the camera drool factor.

Y'all can return back to discuss'n the wonderfulness of our cameras... while 
cranking up the clarity slider.

The good stuff, some May photos:
Zony with 24-105/4 or Voigtlander 110mm. I do drool a bit on my 110mm. The 
24-105 just works most of the time.

color incognizant - WayneS

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