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Re: [OM] Hello from the past:), 9355 messages later and two lenses offer

Subject: Re: [OM] Hello from the past:), 9355 messages later and two lenses offered (24 shift and 21f2).
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 16:10:30 -0800
> > Moose has entangled socks
> Which makes getting them in shoes tricksy.

No-show socks (pink is the best color, of course) with Nike or
Converse skate shoes is my default these days. My collection of shoes
is getting crazy. I've got most of the rainbow, AND a rainbow. LOL.
Unfortunately, I did have to inventory my Arctic Gear for an upcoming
trip. I looked at my -140 degree work boots and started crying...

> > , I'm even cuter than ever,
> Inevitably so, not supposition.

Well, OK, not quite as cute as I was at 25, but holding my own. You'll
get to see it when I launch my new youtube channel.

> > Olympus is quitting,
> Unsupported assumption alert!

Maybe, the jury is still out.

> > Panasonic AF stinks,
> Works for me, better than E-M5 II, for most subjects.

With non Panasonic lenses, that DFD is horrid.

> > Sony good,
> FF, pretty good, indeed.

I'm pretty pleased. The camera itself isn't overly exciting, but it
does the job.

> > Canon bad,
> No clue; been too long. I liked the 5D, and the compacts I had.

I just had to throw Canon under the bus for old-times sake.

> > E-1 lives forever,
> And is no better now than then. "Incoming! Hit the deck!" But then again, no 
> worse. :-)

Actually, it is better now than then with the 5th Generation converter
from Adobe. WAY WAY better.

> > Alaska rocks!
> We got perfectly lovely rocks here. Most places got 'em.

More, bigger.

> So you see, dear Iwert, nothing has changed. ;-) :-P

Nope. Nothing at all. Except we're smaller in numbers with the passing
of a couple of list-members.

AG Schnozz
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