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Subject: Re: [OM] Systems Rationalization
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2020 13:06:21 -0700
On 9/12/2020 12:39 PM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
At 9/11/2020 05:09 PM, Moose wrote:

Here's a pic of Moose in serious mode, circa 2018. 
I'm not opposed to camera straps and use them most of the time. What I found is 
that I often swing the camera around to my back. Camera straps that work best 
for that I have searched for. The old Domke straps, and most straps, when swung 
around to the back, where the strap transitions into the narrow strap, digs 
into my collar bone/neck. The only strap I have found that is 100% strap, is 
the peak design, so I can shift the camera around and my neck, collar/neck 
bone, are still in contact with the wider strap.

I agree. The strap you can see in that photo, in the Vee of the hat cord, is 1.5" for 27" of it's length. The other one, on the much lighter gear, is 1" for almost its whole length. I have quite a few straps with long, wide center sections. Some padded more than others; that seems to matter to me less than width.

I have them set up with OP/Tech Mini QD Loop-1.5mm System Connectors, so I can 
almost instantly change straps to taste.

The Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap is the one that I think is poorly designed. Any weight on it tightens it like a noose around my wrist, then taking two hands to get it off, awkwardly. Great materials, well made, impractical in use. I suppose one day I'll either sell it or put in a rivet to keep it from getting too small.

So many straps have this nice padding for you shoulder. They all assume your 
camera is going to hang by your side. You can't shift the camera around. Camera 
is either in your hand or at your side. But even if you grab the camera to take 
a picture, the padding shifts off your neck and shoulder. Perhaps if just 
hanging around the neck with camera in front, it works.

The other change I made is having one attachment to the bottom of the camera. 
That facilitates the camera hanging down. When the strap is attached to the two 
camera lug positions, as Moose does in the photo, the camera does not hang very 
well for me, even if it does imply something about my masculinity. With one 
attached on the bottom, one on the side, the camera hangs down better, rather 
than dangling the lens in front. Most Arca Swiss plates these days allow for 
the bottom strap attachment.

I have some of those plates. I prefer the "normal" configuration. Something 
about bringing camera straight up to my eye?

Strap to Taste Moose

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