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Re: [OM] New additions to the Living History Farm

Subject: Re: [OM] New additions to the Living History Farm
From: Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2020 02:46:25 +0000 (UTC)
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx
Wayne's image is very nice but focus stacked--3D impression greatly affected by 
this technique and less about lens rendering. The CV110 is one lovely lens 

My impression of microcontrast as it applies to the Zeiss C/Y 35-70 is contrast 
in the 20-30 pixel radius range     (at least when I played around with images 
on the 5DII) It is not a subtle phenomenon
As I said one can spot that the lens was used on the little LCD on the back of 
the cam.  (An aside--should LCE radius be changed in PS for very high 
megapickel cams?)  3D pop is very subjective but you know it when you see it.  
If forced to generalize would say it is easier to achieve with wider lenses at 
medium apertures at medium subject distances.  Lighting, color composition 
clearly play a role.  Good central sharpness and microcontrast may play a role 
as well as the nature of the transition zone.  I have read  (with no definite 
proof) that Zeiss lenses were often designed to have non-linear transition 
rates making the 3D effect easier to achieve.  Perhaps off axis astigmatism 
with softer corners adds to the effect ironically making "less good" older lens 
designs better for this application.  I think the article was a bit needlessly 
satirical of probably some valid observations.

Be advised all this is armchair speculation and I will never admit in court to 
any of it, but it is fun to think about.

Not raising my right hand, Mike 
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