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Re: [OM] No longer window shopping - ERRATUM

Subject: Re: [OM] No longer window shopping - ERRATUM
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 4 May 2020 09:28:15 -0800
> I would still opt to shoot Raw, and convert in the native app if I want those 
> results. Am I missing something?

I think we're talking past each other. Allow me to dial this back and clarify.

Let's use the "Knik River and Matanuska Peak" photo as an example:

I took this photo with three different cameras (A7ii, E-400, GX85)
with nearly identical settings and RAW+JPEG. While a little "bland"
(how bland can Alaska really be?), the JPEG files from the A7ii and
E-400 were essentially identical. The GX85's JPEG was in an entirely
different world with no commonality whatsoever with the other two
cameras. As the JPEG files of the two cameras were so similar, I would
expect Adobe to handle them about the same too. But Adobe applied
totally opposite settings to the files.

Typical Lightroom workflow is to import the RAW files and let it do
its preview build. Initially, the previews are the low-rez JPEG image
that's imbedded in the RAW file, but Lightroom replaces that with a
preview processed through its own ACR converter. At this point, those
two "identical" images from the two cameras are now completely
different with zero commonality. If I continue with the same "normal"
workflow and let Lightroom apply auto white-balance (rarely do I use
it as it goes too yellow for me) and auto tone, the expectation is
that Adobe will apply whatever settings to the file to "normalize" it
to a common color and brightness profile. But they are NOT the same.
In picture after picture, nothing about the files from the three
cameras match up. And rarely, if ever, does Adobe come close to what
the in-camera JPEG looks like.

Without the in-camera JPEG as a guide-photo, I wouldn't have a clue
what "should be" is regarding the image.

That said, I do find that the latest/greatest from Adobe does a better
job with E-1 files than any non-Olympus branded converter should do.
It takes minimal adjustments to bring E-1 files into line. E-400 files
require a little more work. GX85 and A7ii files are a complete
mystery. Two photos, taken minutes apart, will have a completely
different look to them because Lightroom went down some dark alley and
the images got thumped over the head.

On a related note, the GX85's white-balance settings, as interpreted
by Adobe, are skewed a bit magenta. I haven't been able to effectively
neutralize that yet, and it's something that has been a little

So, to wrap this back around and tie a bow, I'm now finding value in
shooting RAW+JPEG (with a low quality JPEG so it doesn't kill my
storage), so I have something to compare to and use as a reference.

Yesterday, I found my IT8 target that got lost with my moves. So, let
the testing begin.

AG Schnozz
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