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Re: [OM] Image resolution

Subject: Re: [OM] Image resolution
From: bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 12:18:41 +1200

I hasten to add that the images are unaltered jpegs straight from
the camera. 

When you click on LARGE, that's what you should see. 

checking (afterthought) I found that the setting on the M5 was for LN,
not LF. My bad. 

I also have noticed that Windows7 uses some algorithm
or other which yields much sharper images than i can produce, when I use
my images as screen background. 

Cheers, Brian 

Hi all, 

I am
somewhat dissatisfied with the resolution of my images. 

Please see a
sample of 3 - view large; at

For the two from the
M5, FastStone image viewer tells me that the image quality is
respectively 57% and 50 %, and for the E3, 87% 

Before I saw its
evaluation, those were my thoughts also. I really expected a lot better.

What do you think? 

Photos were taken hand-held (not sure about the
E3 shot), filter over lens, IS on. 

Cheers, Brian 

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