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[OM] Re: Jumping on the E-1 bandwagon (was: E-1 FS in New Zealand)

Subject: [OM] Re: Jumping on the E-1 bandwagon (was: E-1 FS in New Zealand)
From: Andrew McPhee <macca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 10:25:30 +1000
At 07:44 AM 18/04/2005 -0400, Bob wrote:

>Okay, I'm a newbie here, but I can only sit by and read so much of this
>stuff before I just have to jump in. (I was an editorial writer in a
>previous life, and shooting from the lip is just, well, bred in the bone.)
>Digital vs. film. What's the damned issue? I thought the object of the
>exercise was the bleeping image. Whichever way gets you the image you're
>after is just fine and dandy. Some days I shoot 4x5 and get downright zen in
>my approach. Other days I shoot with my E-1 and get, well, downright zen in
>my approach. It's possible for either of these approaches to be flinging
>dynamite into the river, or long slow casting into quiet, shaded pools. It's
>the _fisherman_ that's critical, not the pole. <ouch! sorry!>

Point taken!  I'll desist from making any more film vs digital comparisons, 
it really is a waste of time.  I don't really know why I started in the 
first place, probably just to make conversation...

Andrew McPhee 

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