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[OM] Re: Jumping on the E-1 bandwagon (was: E-1 FS in New Zealand)

Subject: [OM] Re: Jumping on the E-1 bandwagon (was: E-1 FS in New Zealand)
From: "Barry B. Bean" <bbbean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 15:45:39 -0500
On Mon, 18 Apr 2005 01:06:28 +1000, Andrew McPhee wrote:

>>AG Schozz replied:
>>Artistic quality?  Totally dependant on the photographer.
>>Technical quality?  Highly likely!  I find that I shoot 20x the
>>pictures with the digitals than I did with film. My edit process
>>is pretty ruthless so I end up with the same number of pictures
>>in the end, but they are much better than my one-offs on film.

>For a while I had the use of a friend's Linhof 4x5 system and it taught me 
>the value of slowing down, thinking about what I want to achieve and how to 
>achieve it.  And I found that 'training' has rubbed off on my 35mm 
>work.  Sure, I still bracket exposures and fiddle with various lighting and 
>camera angles but these days I'm more of a sniper than a machine-gunner.

>Not that I'm knocking AG's method.  Each to his own, etc.  I can see the 
>advantage of digital that gives one a virtually endless roll of 'free' film 
>but it doesn't mean that much to me because that's not the way I work.

You might surprise yourself. There's nothing about digital (or 35mm, for that 
matter) that says you HAVE to take pictures as quickly as possible. What I find 
with digital is that I still take as much time as I ever take with film, but 
I'm MUCH more likely to try those "might work" shots, and I bracket much more. 
also more likely to try a lot of slight variations (with flash, without flash, 
bounce flash, different ASA settings, different filters , etc) I don't 
typically use the LCD 
after shots (just an occasional check to be sure I'm in the ball park wrt 
composition and exposure), so my basic process is the same with the E-1 as with 

The digital is extra nice when I'm shooting IR - thats when getting instant 
feedback is very useful, as is the ability to shoot 5 or 6 bracketing shots 
paying a penalty in $$$ or time spent reloading and developing film that may or 
may not have useable shots.  

>Doug Smith hit the nail on the head in his post to the list a few days 
>ago.  He mentioned the plethora of buttons, functions and menus on a DSLR 
>that take a lot of learning.  And re-learning if one hasn't picked the 
>camera up for a while.

One could make the same argument about the OM-4T vs the OM-1. Basically, what 
we use becomes intuitive

Barry B. Bean
Bean & Bean Cotton Company
Peach Orchard, MO

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