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Subject: [OM] Re: re What's a Fang?
From: "Jim Caldwell" <jamesfc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 16:53:43 -0400
I seemed to recall she lived in the Tampa Bay area near me.  I figured she
already beat me to all the good bargains locally!!

Jim Caldwell
Stock Photography

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Subject: [OM] Re: re What's a Fang?

She seems to have taught photography, as a good deal of her scouring yard 
sales was to find good cheap cameras to sell to her students.  She was also 
an avid bicyclist.  I would imagine she might have worked at a community 
college or university.  Very hard to guess her age, but she had a lot of 
experience and too much wisdom to be a youngster.  She came to OM rather 
late and it seemed like she had been a N$kon shooter for some time, but she 
was something of an expert on the XA too.  She mentioned being intrigued by 
C$non's IS lenses before departing the list for good.  I have to say I used 
to hang upon every word in her posts.

Joel W.

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