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[OM] Re: Dynamic range of films (and digits)

Subject: [OM] Re: Dynamic range of films (and digits)
From: "C.H.Ling" <chling@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 00:19:39 +0800
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From: "Joe Gwinn" <joegwinn@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> If it has the necessary dynamic range for the scene.  It's still
> expensive to make a camera with both a large dynamic range and
> high-resolution rendering of subtle tonal differences, all with low
> noise, but this will cease to be a problem in a few years, with the
> march of progress.

Even being a die hard Olympus fan, I have to say 10D is at least two stops
better than E-1, at ISO100 the noise is not noticable even you under two
stops and pull it up; still very low noise at ISO400 and under one stop. The
problem is the 10D color does not look as good as the E-1 even with the
excellent C1 RAW convertor.

> >
> >http://www.accura.com.hk/exp_test.jpg  (~300KB)
> It comes out very dark on my computer, and appears to have been taken
> on an overcast day, which tends to compress the brightness scale.
> For comparison, do you have a picture of a brightly-lit noontime
> scene with burning highlights and deep shadows?  I imagine the E-1
> does better at this than the E-10, but you probably have the pictures
> to tell.

E-10 was famous for dynamic range I believe it is comparable to E-1 but E-1
has better noise level. Here is another one, it is only slightly under.
Check the histrogram and note the shadow area you will know what I mean,
shadow can always be safe but not hightlight.

Setting: low contrast and softest sharpness.

http://www.accura.com.hk/P5301309.jpg (1.2MB original pixel)

> I did magnify it until the pixels were each  3x3mm on the screen.
> Olympus has very good in-camera software.  The pixellated edges are
> very smooth, with minimal color artifacts.

I have reduced the image size by 50%, so it looked good.


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