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[OM] Re: Dynamic range of films (and digits)

Subject: [OM] Re: Dynamic range of films (and digits)
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 05:14:44 -0700
That is true. In addition some like the Kodak 14N have an even wider 10 
stop dynamic range with some visible noise in the shadows according to 
Thom Hogan. The Kodak software lets you reduce the dynamic range to so 
that the digital noise is covered, but it is still wider than the other 
digital cameras.


I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but you shooter of OM lenses 
attached to an EOS adaptor have a cheaper full frame alternative than 
the 1Ds. Kodak now has the EOS mount version of their 14MP full frame 
sensor camera available for much less money. Now whole field of that 
18mm Zuiko will actually be captured.

Long Beach, California
On May 29, 2004, at 4:37 AM, C.H.Ling wrote:

> Joe, I believe you are still using film and have not play with some 
> good DC
> yet. A good DC can keep very good control of shadows, even the E-10
> can allow for two stops under and pull up in software later (with the
> increasing of noies) with minimum lost of shadow details.
> Here is an example of a E-1 shot with 11-22mm I took today, the 
> foreground
> buildings was under at least 1.5 stops, try to download and play with 
> it
> under you photo editing software you will know how good the shadow is. 
> BTW,
> it was shot under JPEG mode, if you shot RAW it will be even better!
> http://www.accura.com.hk/exp_test.jpg  (~300KB)
> C.H.Ling
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Joe Gwinn" <joegwinn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> For DC, the highlight is easily clipped but shadow does not, [so] I
>>> always shoot under and adjust it later. A curve can compress the
> highlight
>>> (not cut it off), while maintaining the picture a brilliant look. 
>>> The sky
>>> will keep without wash-out.
>> If I understand, you are underexposing the frame (less light), to
>> ensure enough of the highlight is captured that you can later
>> compress it using the curve, and just living with the resulting loss
>> of shadow detail.  In bright light, the loss won't be that great, and
>> getting the highlights (and sky) right makes the most difference.
>> The wider the linear range, the easier it is to do this, as the
>> exposure becomes less critical.  And, more shadow detail can be kept.
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