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[OM] OMs in the world of fiction

Subject: [OM] OMs in the world of fiction
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 19:05:44 -0700
I just started to read a mystery called "The Mango Opera" by Tom 
Corcoran. The protagonist is a free lance photog in Key West who does 
some crime scene work:

Pg 13 "I finished the color film first and dropped the OM-2 into my bag."

Pg 14 "I turned my back to the sun, rewound the film and popped open the 

Pg 42 "I'd deferred to Forsythe and his budget lenses and waterlogged 

Doesn't say what lenses our hero with such good taste used, though.

Among many jobs, the author has been a freelance photographer and "His 
photographs have appeared on several Jimmy Buffett album covers." Well, 
I happen to have 'several' JB albums and sure enough, the first one I 
checked had photography by Tom Corcoran. So I'll bet some of those shots 
on the albums are from Olys.


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