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[OM] Re: [lens] Re: Dynamic range of films (and digits)

Subject: [OM] Re: [lens] Re: Dynamic range of films (and digits)
From: "C.H.Ling" <chling@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 08:12:19 +0800
Yes, I think it is true, I had even tried to merge the same scanned image
with different adjustment and it give some improvement in saving the sky for
high contrast scene. For DC I think shooting in RAW mode with 12 bit depth
would be good enough to avoid the trouble of combining photos.


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From: "Tom Trottier" <tOM@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> If you're working on a tripod with a static subject, you could take a
> series of exposures, say, 3 stops apart, and marry them in the photo
> editor, for VERY wide and smooth dynamic range, then pick the effective
> exposure you like.
> Actually, for any static view, merging multiple pictures could give you
> more resolution.

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