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[OM] Photo conservation meeting in Amsterdam

Subject: [OM] Photo conservation meeting in Amsterdam
From: "Tom Trottier" <tOM@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 12:24:22 -0400
ICOM-CC Photographic Records Working Group's Interim Meeting Amsterdam, 
October 4-5, 2004  

ICOM-CC Photographic Working Group's Interim Meeting will be held 
October 4-5, 2004, in Amsterdam. The Meeting will be hosted by the 
Instituut Collectie Nederland (ICN), Gabriel Metsustraat 8, Amsterdam.  

Registration for the meeting is now open. Please be sure to submit your 
registration form on or before the July 15th deadline.  


To register to the meeting, please ask for a registration form 
(Riitta.Koskivirta@xxxxxx) . It can be sent by e-mail, by snail mail, 
or by fax to the given address. Once the registration is received, we 
will send out more information. Please note that there are a limited 
number of seats available and they will be given out on a first come, 
first serve basis.  

There is no charge for attending the meeting, but an 8 Euros/day fee 
for buffet style lunches  (sandwiches, fruit, juice, milk) will be 
charged in cash at the registration desk on arrival at the meeting 


A wide-ranging program including 17 papers and two posters will be 
presented during the two day meeting. A list of the presentations is in 
the end of this message. Most of the abstracts of the presentations 
will be available online on the internet in the near future.  


In addition to the presentations, there will be visits available those 
who arrive earlier. Before the actual meeting, it is possible to visit 
two interesting conservation laboratories. There is no charge for the 
pre-meeting tours. Both labs are easily accessible by public 
transportation. If you wish to take advantage of these opportunities, 
please make a mark in the suitable box on your registration form.  

Saturday, October 2nd , 2pm Visit to Fotorestauratie Atelier C.C. von 
Waldthausen (photograph conservation lab Amsterdam), Van Diemenstraat 
410, Suite B.01, Amsterdam. Clara von Waldthausen will give a workshop 
on technical description and discussion of consolidation of flaking 
emulsions of autochromes. Maximum 8 people, but the workshop can be 
given in two sessions, in the morning and in the  afternoon if more are 
interested.  Tram 3 from Museum plein, get out at the last stop. From 
there straight ahead 5 minutes walk.  

Sunday, October 3rd , between 2 and 4pm Visit to National Conservation 
Studio, Rotterdam (now part of the Netherlands Museum for Photography), 
Witte de Witstraat, Rotterdam.  The host will be Hans de Herder, Head 
of Conservation. Maximum 10 people, if more show interest, 2 visits can 
be arranged.  Public transportation: Train from the Amsterdam Central 
Station to Rotterdam CS. Take tram 4 from the CS to the halte Witte de 


All meeting attendees are asked to make their own hotel reservations. 
Please note that Amsterdam is a very popular place all year long and it 
is advisable to make the reservations well in advance. To help in 
finding a room, Clara von Waldthausen has compiled a list of hotels, 
which will be sent by request (from: Riitta.Koskivirta@xxxxxx).  

List of Talks

ICOM-CC Interim Meeting Photographic Records Working Group Hosted by 
the Instituut Collectie Nederland, Amsterdam 4-5 October 2004  

TreatmentOriented Papers Silvia Berselli and Isabella Genovese, Italy 
    Giuseppe Enrie: Restoration and History of the Holy Shroud Transparency 
TaiyoungHa, Austria Aqueous Treatments on Salted Paper Prints  

AndreasGruber & Taiyoung Ha, Austria Historical Protective Coatings 
    Made of Zapon Laquer Used on the Daguerreotypes in the Albertina 
    Photography Collection  

MariaMatta, Greece The conservation of a 19th century photographic 
    panorama, belonging to the Photographic Archive of the Benaki Museum  

SaraInnocenti, Italy Preservation and restoration of Goglio's archive  
     glass plate negatives  

Preservation-OrientedPapers Sanneke Stigter, Netherlands Retouching 
    with Light: Ethical Problems and a Solution in the Conservation of 
    Faded Colour Photographs in the Work of Ger van Elk  

SandraBaruk, Brazil Preventive Conservation Policies for Brazilian 
    Photograph Collections  

HistoricResearch & Technical Investigations Kate Jennings, United 
    Kingdom Nineteenth Century Paper Negatives: Investigations with 
    Scanning Electron Microscopy and Light Fading  

LisaBarro & Nora Kennedy, United States Overexposure and Old Hypo: 
    Gustave Le Gray s Innovative Working Methods 1849-1855  

BarbaraBrown, Dusan Stulik & Herant Khanjian, United States Three 
    Metallic Photographic Prints from the Humanities Research Center 

BillWei, Netherlands Issues in the Conservation of Face-Mounted 

Catalogingand Digitization Edwin Klijn, Netherlands SEPIADES: one but 
    not the same. Unifying the diversity of Europe s visual memory  

LuisPavão, Portugal Digitization Projects: A Sea of Hope  

MaddalenaSterna, Italy The digital condition and treatment report. An 
    example from Centro per il Restauro e la conservazione della fotografia 
    - Milano  

MiscellaneousDebbie Hess Norris & Jae Mentzer, United States Readings 
    in Photograph Conservation: Identifying Fundamental Publications in Our 

MartinJürgens, Germany A Summary of the European Workshop for 
    Photograph Conservators  

Claravon Waldthausen, Netherlands An Introduction to the Goals of COST 
    ACTION Working Group G8: "Non-Destructive Analysis and Testing of 
    Museum Objects"  

PostersLydia Egunnike, Australia An Investigation into the History and 
    Evolution of Opalotypes  

Claravon Waldthausen, Netherlands Surface Characteristics of Freeze-
    dried, Water Soaked Photographs  

Riitta Koskivirta co-ordinator 
tel. +358-(0)9-686 63618, 
fax +358-(0)9-686 63630 
e-mail: riitta.koskivirta@xxxxxx  

Nora Kennedy Assistant co-ordinator 
e-mail: nora.kennedy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  

(from photoconservation@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx )

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