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Re: [OM] Hawaii recommendations (another travel kit..)

Subject: Re: [OM] Hawaii recommendations (another travel kit..)
From: "C.H.Ling" <chling@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 09:08:21 +0800
I have tried two rolls, the grain appear in one hour lab print not
scanning, it is the worse film I have ever used. I think over expose
it by one or two stops may be better, but I just made it dead right.
For ISO400, Kodak Supra 400 and Fuji Superia are much better. 


dreammoose wrote:
> Although I have only used it once, I would certainly not call it grainy.
> At
> <http://home.attbi.com/0.000000E+00dreammoose/wsb/html/view.cgi-photo.html--SiteID-322698.html>
> , look at the right side direct film scan. On my 19" screen, this is the
> equivalent of a 20x30" print and the granularity is quite modest for 20x
> enlargement. This is Kodak Gold 400-3 film. My scan is at 2720dpi with a
> diffuse light source (Canoscan FS2710). Perhaps the particular
> granularity of Gold 400 works poorly with your Nikon 4000dpi, collimated
> light source scanner, producing the dreaded 'grain aliasing'?
> I'm not recommending Gold 400. I use Supra and Portra NC in 400 speed.
> However, this freebie roll I shot is just not 'extremely grainy'.
> Moose
> C.H.Ling wrote:
> >Never been to Hawaii, but one suggestion here for the film, for me I will
> >not use any Gold 400, it is just extremely grainy.
> >

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