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Re: [OM] Why a PEN?

Subject: Re: [OM] Why a PEN?
From: Jim Brokaw <jbrokaw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 17:20:13 -0800
on 10/31/02 11:36 AM, Frank Schindehütte at frank.schindehuette@xxxxxxxxxxx

> Hi Zuikoholics!
> In an Olympus prospect from 1976 I read my first articles about the PEN
> - especially the EE2. I became curious: Exciting format, no batteries,
> no focussing, very compact and solid.
> Sounded like a little sister for my OM-2n. What do you think? And what
> is a reasonable price e.g. on ebay?
> Frank

At the time they were introduced the Pen cameras were quite the rage. But
the half-frame format is now somewhat unusual, such that you might find
developing and printing problematic. Some 1-hour labs workers have never
seen the format, and I don't know if any labs will still do the slides...
The cameras themselves were well made if somewhat simple... I think they
were Maitaini's first design. The problems you might find now would be
non-working meters, shutters gummed up, and foam seals gooey or dried up and
gone. Assorted other 'old camera' problems can be encountered also, but a
well-cared for or restored one can be a good camera.

If the no-battery requirement is a big issue I'd say a selenium-cell Pen is
a good option, but if what you really want is a small easily carried about
pocket camera, you probably will get better pictures from a full-frame
compact i.e. XA, XA-2 or a more modern model such as the Stylus Epic, etc.

Reasonable prices vary because many Pen models are 'collectible' now, even
though there were made by the millions in the 1960's and many are still
around... I've seen them go from $5 to $150 or more for rare models... (and
these are not the Pen F and FT SLR's which typically are even higher.) A
good clean all-working Pen EE or EE-S or EE-2 or EE-3 will probably be
$25-$50, depending on how patient you are.

You should investigate the various models, they made a bunch of variations.
Of course, like any good Zuikoholic you need at least one of each model...

Jim Brokaw
OM-1's, -2's, -4's, (no -3's yet) and no OM-oney... 

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