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[OM] To buy or not to buy?

Subject: [OM] To buy or not to buy?
From: VS <VS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 15:20:14 +1100
Hi all,

Luck would have it that I got taxed more than 10% more than I should
have in the last financial year, so thanks to my employer and the tax
office, I got some OMoney to spend.

Now, my dearly beloved[1] is a huge critic of my photos (which, I have to
agree with her, either have too shallow depth of field - 24mm and 35mm
lenses used for portraiture of extremely unhelpful subject [persian tom]
or are badly framed/unfocused) so I've decided to give her a nice
christmas present. I found an OM2-SP in very good condition for about US
$160. It doesn't come with any lense at all, but that's not a problem,

So, the big question number one is: Should I buy it? Is it worth it?
Will my OM-3 welcome little brother? Does this mean I will inevitably
end up on a 12 stop program? 

I've heard the list went through SUV flame war (there's no question
about it, Land Rover wins hands down), guns flame war (Heckler & Koch
MP7, thank you) but noone ever mentions any heated discussion about

Yes, I'm thinking of getting a carbon fiber tripod. After long
searching, I think I've found just the one that will suit my needs
perfectly, but still have doubts about it. I've checked out Gitzo's
G1227 (pricey!), Manfrotto/Bogen 441, Velbon Carmagne 630 and Velbon
Sherpa 1000 and out of all these, Sherpa seems to offer, at least for
me, the best price:performance ratio. 

But, is it really worth buying a CF tripod? I know I could get by with a
heavy aluminium one, but dragging a heavy tripod around isn't fun,
especially now that summer is coming.

Your opinions on CF vs normal (aluminium?) tripod more than
welcome. Also, recommendations, please. :-)



[1] Daughter[2] of a photographer[3] and professional videographer. What did I
[2] She had an OM-10 back in 80's. Apparently she loved it.
[3] I bought his OM-3. And my life will never be the same.

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