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[OM] Hawaii recommendations (another travel kit..)

Subject: [OM] Hawaii recommendations (another travel kit..)
From: "Daniel J. Mitchell" <DanielMitchell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:17:52 -0700
 (I'm sure I remember a thread about the best film to take some months ago,
and not using rental cars, and suchlike, but I don't have any of those posts
saved away myself -- if anyone does, and can point me at the right date(s),
I can plough through the old digests myself)

 I'm going to be in Hawaii for ten days this coming December, so I'm looking
for recommendations for what I should be seeing/doing/taking photos of, and
what I should be using to take said photos (film, for instance -- currently,
I've got a bunch of Kodak Gold 400, which if unspectacular is at least
reliable, and easy to find; I'll be picking up some 100 as well. I'm sure
there's something better out there, though. Oh, and negative film only -- as
much as I'd like to take slides, I still haven't worked out what I'd _do_
with them once I have the results..)

 Current travel kit is as follows:

 OM2S as main body
 OM10+manualadapter as backup
 17/3.5 Vivitar
 55/2.8 Vivitar 1:1 macro
 2x converter
 (filters, batteries, etc, XA going along for hand-held, another (non-OM,
sorry) autofocus zoom P+S for my wife to use, and p+s digital camera).
 ultrapod (=tiny pocket-sized tripod)
 Manfrotto 479/4 monopod
 Slik mini tripod
 some sort of tiny ballhead I should get around to picking up for the last

 Actual day-to-day kit is most likely OM2S, 24/2, 65-200/4, or just the XA;
if I want to make a point of taking photos, rather than just having a camera
handy, I'll add in more depending on where I'll be going.

 Notable things I'm currently _not_ taking, but could be convinced otherwise
if someone's got a reason I'll be sorry.

 Tamron SP 500/8 mirror (light, but big; 200/4+2x is a reasonable compromise
if I really need length. This is the one I'm most tempted to add on, though)
 Viv S1 200/3 (heavy, big)
 Viv S1 90/2.5 macro (ditto)
 extension tubes (they're manual, so a pain to use; the 55/2.8 does very
nicely for 
general macro stuff, and I've not found the working distance to be a problem
 T32 zoom adapter+WA adapter (yes, I just picked these up, but will I ever
remember to use them? probably not)
 T20, assorted off-camera flash cords + bracket + etc (see prev.)
 Manfrotto 055Pro tripod (solid, versatile, but _so_ heavy..)

 And, as I said above, "...wife..." -- we just got married last month, so
this is going to be an extended honeymoon; see the following message for
more location requests.

 -- dan


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