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Re: [OM] Film Scanners

Subject: Re: [OM] Film Scanners
From: Chris Barker <imagopus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 21:29:23 +0000
I know what you mean Tim; I have read reviews for and against
different scanners.  The trouble is, my discernment of (digital)
quality is probably not good enough to provide good advice anyway
;-).  And industry's failure to agree on standards probably benefits
everyone but the consumer; it becomes difficult to know who to

Anyway, I am happy with my scanner.  Even though it is probably
pretty slow in the scanning stakes, I have a workflow sorted out:
start Photoshop Elements, mount slides in holder while application is
importing the plugin, scan thumbnails, select all and scan.  Go and
make cup of tea, wash the dishes, sweep some leaves and come back to
sort the files and name them ;-).


At 16:57 +0000 30/10/02, suchismit@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Sorry, I didn't mean to put down the Canon. I was just
posting from a review that I had read online. I have also
read lots of reviews where the users spoke very highly of
that scanner. In fact thats why I asked if Matt
had considered buying the Canonscan.
 The Scan Elite will probably have 3.6, now I think of it.  However,
 since, as I understand it, there is no agreed standard for measuring
 Dynamic Range, I am not sure how valid is a comparison.

 > Chris


C M I Barker
Cambridgeshire, Great Britain.
+44 (0)7092 251126
... a nascent photo library.

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