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Re: [OM] Film Scanners

Subject: Re: [OM] Film Scanners
From: Matt Crawley <matt@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 23:41:50 -0700
Hi Wayne.

wayneharridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Ok, starting to make some sense.  With transparencies the noise appears in the
> dark areas, the dark areas often just get "clipped" to pure black (0,0,0).

Actually the "noise" in shadows has a tendency to appear as specs of
color... At least it used to on my old Nikon LS1000. With the 4000 I get
very little noise in the shadows when scanning transparencies. I just
checked a very dark slide I scanned a few days ago and there is essentially
ZERO noise in the shadow areas.

> With negs the noise also appears in the dark areas, however the reversal to a
> positive then puts the noise in the highlights which is more obvious.

You would think so but in reality the noise is most visible in the shadow
areas of the scan which is the thinnest portion of the neg. There is a bit
of noise/grain in the highlights but in the shadows the noise appears with
more contrast and you're more likely to see red pixels scattered through the
shadows for no apparent reason.

I don't know why this happens but I assume it is related to the amber base
material in negative film. Perhaps it reflects/refracts certain parts of the
LED's light... Maybe we should consider the diffs between the light source
that is used in conventional negative printing versus the lights used by

One other point. Loading film strips into a Nikon scanner is a royal pain.
The Nikon film strip adapter sucks and I must wear little gloves to avoid
fingerprinting the negs. Yet another reason I shoot slides.

 - Matt Crawley

>> Matt Crawley <matt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> As I remember the story goes like this... Different types of light sources
>> yield cleaner or noisier results. Polaroid scanners in particular have
>> received good reviews for lack of noise and this was attributed to their use
>> of "Cold Cathode" light source vs the LED's that Nikon use. Since negs
>> generally yield noisier scans than transparencies a person who plans on
>> scanning mainly negs should look for the scanner with the least amount of
>> noise.

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