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Re: [OM] Kodak's 14MP SLR

Subject: Re: [OM] Kodak's 14MP SLR
From: The Bobbs <thebobbs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 12:43:38 -0600

Three: Nikon doesn't mind competitive cameras with the Nikon mount, because
it expands the market for their lenses. If you're trying to get people to
buy lenses to fit your body, you're strongly motivated to reduce the cost of
your bodies. If the difference in price between a full-frame body and a 4/3
body is only $200 or $300, which would you buy?

Good discussion. The answer (for me) is "it depends". If it is the difference between $1700 and $2000, my answer is "neither".

If the answer is "$800 vs $1000" -- then it depends on the rest of the "system". Good Nikon AF lenses are expensive. If a nice kit of lenses can be built for an APS or 4/3" system for substantially less than Nikon and those lenses are lighter and "brighter", gladly, I would go with a smaller overall system, even if bodies were comparable prices.

There has been lots of debate on various web sites about what Olympus really means with respect to their 4/3 standard. And I did read the one discussion that implied what was really meant was a 4:3 aspect ratio. But most other news items suggest a 4/3" sensor size is what was meant and to me, that makes the most sense.

I do hope Pentax and/or Oly/Fuji come up with a great "less than full size" solution(s). I hope it comes with a killer collection of affordable lenses too. I've glanced at the prices for good Nikon/Canon glass. It's not encouraging.


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